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L'Histoire - The Story of rise

It all started with a dream...
rise n°1 was born of the creative vision of Hedda Gioia Dowd, epicure, Francophile, and owner of Antique Harvest, a unique business that combs the chateaux, vineyards, and farmhouses of Southwest France for one-of-a-kind treasures.

The daughter of a French mother and an Italian American father, Dowd spent every summer since childhood in France, where she gained an appreciation for the art of fine living and the enjoyment of food. Her mother and grandmother made savory and sweet soufflés for decades, and her memory of those meals are of a dining experience that riveted all of the senses. She always marveled that she never left the table feeling overfed; just satisfied and in awe of the technique that could make something as simple as an egg into something as magnificent, yet unfussy, as the soufflé.

Years ago while reminiscing about the soufflés that her French mother and grandmother made followed by a salad and a sweet soufflé for dessert, Dowd thought, "Why can't we eat this way in Dallas?" Then she was dining in a favorite restaurant in Paris inspired by the simplicity and versatility of the soufflé, the European way of celebrating the genuine pleasures of the table, and a dream to engage all of the senses in an environmentally conscious bistro, the concept of rise n°1 was born.

The first person Dowd contacted about rise n°1 was longtime friend and esteemed executive chef Cherif Brahmi. Born in Lyon, the food capital of France, Brahmi's even temper and passion for French cooking were the winning combination that Dowd was seeking. In him, Dowd found a creative, thoughtful business partner and the two went to work, creating a European bistro celebrating life's simplest pleasures.

Dream becomes reality. The rest is history.

However, history is never quite so simple... We opened on January 15, 2008. This for me has always been a "we" story although if the truth be told there were many more doubters than "believers" regarding the acceptance of soufflés in Texas! In the end, Texans and the rest from our very youngest to our dearest Margaret McDermott, from McAllen to Japan come to dine and relish that marshmallow soup and all those savory and sweet soufflés.

So we had to ask ourselves the logical next question, "What is the next step; where do we go?" Our first stop is rise n°2 in Houston, Texas (now open!). Thanks to all of our loyal guests the journey is together and going to be an adventure. Here WE go...

Merci a TOUS!

rise n°1

rise n°1 is a 92-seat salon de soufflé and wine bar, located in the heart of landmark retail center Inwood Village. A relaxed bistro focused on the soufflé - the masterpiece of French cuisine - rise n°1 is the first of its kind, bringing the French classic to Dallas diners in a comfortable, casual environment.

A fluffy baked dish made with egg yolks and beaten egg whites, the soufflé can be eaten as a savory main dish at rise n°1 (ham and Gruyere, creamed spinach, goat cheese, smoked salmon, blue cheese, truffle-infused wild mushroom) or as a sweet dessert (chocolate, Grand Marnier, raspberry, bread-pudding, and apricot). They're so delicious and light ... We think you'll want both. And thanks to cutting-edge ovens from France, you won't have to wait around long to enjoy one. In the spirit of European dining, we encourage you to linger. But if you have a time constraint, don't fret ... We can prepare your soufflé in the same amount of time it takes to cook a steak to medium. Bravo!

In addition to soufflés, rise n°1 also serves fromage (the finest selection of local and French artisanal cheeses), vin et champagne (flights of wine and bubbly from afar) and petite assiettes (small plates of classic French fare for every palate, from salad nicoise and steamed artichokes with sauce Andree to steak pomme de terre and brie & cornichon sandwiches). Enjoy an "assiette de fromage" and a glass of wine in front of the fireplace on our outdoor patio. Curl up with a savory soufflé while reading a recycled French or American classic in our in-house library. Dip your spoon into a dessert soufflé and relish how sweet life can be. We hope rise n°1 becomes your "maison" away from home. ... Mais oui!

Slow Food Movement

The principals at rise n°1 have made a collective commitment to support the Slow Food Movement and do what they can to help the environment.

The team at rise n°1 shows its commitment to vert (green) by:
- Always using the freshest ingredients, and organic when available.

- Employing local and regional vendors whenever possible.

- Growing herbs in an on-site herb garden.

- Utilizing renewable cork flooring.

- Using drinking glasses made from recycled wine bottles.

- Using plates made from recycled glass.
-Using heirloom, hand-embroidered French linen serviettes and torchons.

- Using European antique silver plate flatware.

- Converting an 18th century school desk into a private dining table.

- Outfitting a recycled couch in French hemp.

- Offering recycled classics, poetry, and cookbooks for diners to read.

- Dressing staff in French linen and chanvre aprons.

- Installing one European-style sink for communal hand-washing.

- Using oversized antique French linen sheets for hand-drying.

- Using Renewable Energy for electricity, etc.

- Using tank less water heaters.

- Using American clay wall finish, free of paint and chemicals.

- Installing bookshelves made of compressed sawdust.

- Fashioning all of the wainscoting out of recycled wood.

- Using recycled doors from old temples and homes.

Read about our founders.

rise n°1 entrance sign. Dallas, TX.