The Girolle


price : $125


size : H 6in. x W 8.75in.

The Girolle, or cheese shaving device, is a must have on our rise chariot de fromage. Ask any guest who dines at rise. We offer a minimum of 12 different varieties of cheeses from the world over. The Girolle is a must! we offer 5 different cheeses that can be used on this device, the original , The Tete de Moine, or as seen in the photo, Bruscetta de Tartufo. The shaving device aerates the cheese to give it a delicate flavor and present beautiful fleurets. The wood is maple. To care for your Girolle simply wipe off the metal blade after each use in warm soapy water and air dry. The board is handled in the same manner. Never put the Girolle in the dishwasher!

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